When my main project stumps me, I resort to the easy stuff.  Another short to break through the writer's block. 

Episode 1, Part 2

            Harry’s part-time assistant – slash – wannabe model – slash – jail sentence waiting to happen was pushing through his office door as he was leaving.  Despite the bad bleach job, the fabulous boob job and the terribly misguided ideals, Jill was a good kid and a decent receptionist. 

            “Going out?” she asked, dropping a gigantic gold purse on her desk as she passed.

            “New case,” Harry said, shrugging into his favorite Padres jacket.

            “Good.  We need the money.”

            Harry growled something incoherent.

            “Not good?” Jill asked, snapping her gum as she flipped through the files in her inbox.

            “No.  Not good.  The opposite of good.”

            She shot him a questioning look with two perfectly drawn eyebrows. 

            “Jo roped me into helping with a political case,” Harry explained and patted his jacket pockets until he was satisfied they contained at least two cigarette lighters. 

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