So, I'm just wrapping up my version of "Spring Break" which, for me, means taking a break from writing to accomplish all the domestic spring projects around the house.  I've surpassed my usual 2 weeks by a bit due to self-inflicted injury (i.e. pruning shears incident and brush fire episode) but, we'll leave those stories for another day.

Getting back in the swing of things means resuming my face time on Twitter.  In doing so I've met up with a few fellow authors that hold the prestigious (and precarious) title of co-author.  I've created a support group.  If you're a co-author, you understand the potential benefit there. 

Because hump day is "Writer Wednesday" in Twitterverse, we're going to attempt our first live Twitter chat this Wednesday, March 28th at 8PM EST.  Feel free to stop in and share trials, tribulations and testimonials regarding the insanity that is co-authoring a novel. 

Contact us @split_fiction and include the #coauthoring hash tag.  See you there! 



03/26/2012 5:23am

Sounds like a fun party!! Too bad I'm not a co-author,though. *sad*

03/26/2012 6:28am

Co-author or not, you are more than welcome! Besides, watching others' therapy sessions as a bystander is always entertaining!

04/24/2012 7:52am

Must be intense to collaborate on a novel. I think Michael Dorris and Louise Erdrich wrote "The Crown of Columbus" together. Regardless of ultimate finale of that relationship, they were a remarkable creative force together for some time.

04/24/2012 8:55am

Collaboration is new to both of us and I'm finding it to be a very eye-opening experience. Eye-opening and stressful. :-)

I've never read "The Crown of Columbus". It's extremely intriguing to read other collaborations. Will have to give it a shot!


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