7:04 AM
Open the blinds
Adjust thermostat to 69 degrees
Coffee steaming beside the laptop
Take a sip – needs more cream – back to the kitchen – perfect
Swivel in the desk chair for a few minutes – sipping turns to chugging
Run through a list of my characters – Which one feels natural today? – talk to me, talk to me

7:13 AM
Start up Pandora and stuff in ear buds
C+C Music Factory blares – How did it get on that channel?
Switch channels – no productive writing comes from ♫ things that make you go hmmmm
Adele ♫ the scars of our love, remind me of us
Switch channels again – no one’s breaking up today, thank goodness
Creed ♫ maybe six feet ain’t so far down
Switch channels yet again – no one’s slitting their wrists today either

7:31 AM
Getting frustrated – my main character’s soundtrack (♫ you see into my eyes like open doors ♫ by Evanescence) isn’t working for me today – already tried that
Staind ♫ all the times, I’m on the outside
This could work – secondary character, male, early thirties, badass, not my favorite but essential
Begin writing

8:17 AM
Shinedown ♫ it’s 4:03 and I can’t sleep ♫ - my character is on the run, comes up with some witty lines – barely registering the music now

8:43 AM
It occurs to me that I’ve let the playlist slip – Alice in Chains ♫ like the coldest winter chill, heaven beside you
Change the channel – too late – my character’s lost focus, killed someone he didn’t need to – getting messy
Time for a break – head to the kitchen – make some bacon
Change the channel again – do a little dance with the spatula – ♫ give me the music, yeah, everybody dance now ♫ …

 … and realize how C+C Music Factory gets left on my Pandora playlist.  But that’s the beauty of ear buds.  No one will ever know.



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