The cool people had a meeting last night.  We decided there were some things everyone ought to be kept up-to-date on.   In the interest of facilitating our readers' second-hand coolness, I am going to provide the following information;

1) I have indeed started writing on something generally related to “the novel”.  Despite the need for extensive editing, I think it's short-story-ish presence should be available for perusal shortly.

One of my suggestions at the outset of this project was that we (H and I) write short stories in various styles, to fill out the back story.  This particular story is directly related to the development of one of my main characters.  I'm rather excited about it. 

2) Contrary to popular belief, dogs are NOT man's best friend.   I suggest the following supporting material for my assertion.

  • When I'm awakened at 2:50am to something akin to a sheep dog practicing its herding technique on a gaggle of clipped-winded buffalo-geese, I am unhappy with said dog on a very singular and extreme level.
  • When I am expecting to enjoy a peaceful afternoon and am suddenly accosted by a cacophony of noise while entering my surrogate “house” such that I feel I ought to bag the silver and china, and make a mad dash for the back door ... I am unhappy.  (No animal should push one to criminal urges.)
  • When I think I can take the trash out, barefoot, without feeling the least unpleasantness on a warm, sunny day (assuming, of course, a normal level of awareness as to what might threaten the sanctity of my bare feet) only to discover I must spend twenty odd minutes trying to find my way through a maze of dog feces... I am unhappy.
  • When I am freshly bathed, dressed and smelling as sweet as a newborn babe in a bed of roses (kindly ignore the obvious issue of myriad thorns puncturing my baby soft skin) and then a dog adoringly places its muddy paws and fetid mouth on my thoughtfully chosen attire... I am unhappy.
Coolness is now assured.  Assuming you have some cheap sun glasses.


(P.S. Reformatting these blogs from open office is a pain in my rumpial region.)


03/03/2012 6:54am

Nice post and blog. :) Best of luck with your project!


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