For your consideration:
Exhibit A) Circuit training is insane.

12 different lifts.  Three muscle groups.  One set per lift, max reps.  Cardio ab exercises between sets.  Rest every three lifts.

50 minuets later.  Two large pan pizzas with extra meat.  A gallon of milk.  Two quarts of ice cream.  And a health shake (I am not going to offer free advertisement here so the type of health shake is going to be top secret).

Exhibit B) Writing at The Mill is NOT insane.

I'm sitting here thinking that I may or may not be clever.  Unfortunately no one will ever think I am more than the second - on account of my massive failure when it comes to blogging lately.  So, while contemplating this lack, I am sitting next to my girlfriend (Yes, girlfriend. Shut it.).

She is scooting to the left. 

I am slowly scooting after her, pretending that nothing is happening, naturally.   Alas, my plans are foiled.  Now she is reading my stupid blog post.  I will have to come up with some other ploy.

Exhibit C) Finally after a few weeks...

I may finally have an angle from which to write.  I'm sure Hilary may be elated to find that I didn't totally throw in the towel, especially since the towel had been hanging in a moist hot environment for like three days, and it was starting to smell.

Not only am I nearly ready to start writing on our co-authored novel, I have a few other things in the works.  I think my near death experience with death had me feeling a little under the weather.  Oddly, everyone is always under the weather. 

Who ever came up with that saying was a moron.

Digression aside, with my new found superiority to weather, I have rediscovered some smidginish bit of creativity.  This means blog posts will be forthcoming.

Don't expect them to be good.   Your expectations are not up to the challenge of predicting this impending domination.



02/21/2012 8:51am

I think you're off to a great start! :)

02/22/2012 12:16pm

Glad you found some inspiration! I hope to read lots more from you in the future :)


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