_ Why?, why?, why? … seems to be the ultimate question.  Everywhere you go, people are obsessed with the notion.

But, I say, forget the “why”.  Let’s talk about “how”!

IF speaker and audience articulate and listen perfectly, it is theoretically possible for the  notion of  “why” to be accurately perceived.  But a good look at the process of “how” makes it damn hard to miss the point.  “How” naturally reveals “why” in the same way that a picture is worth a thousand words.   Why an action is taken, a conclusion made or, in this case, a novel written.

My favorite authors are those with whom I can personally relate.  It’s not that I naturally relate to them in a literary way, but that I relate to who they were and how that knowledge shaped their finished product.  Life situation at the time of novel conception, hurdles that spring up during the writing process, daily personal growth and the perpetual struggle to find words true to themselves. 

Now, all this makes my approach to fiction sound very intellectual, but I assure you this is not the case.  Testing shows (if we can believe a test) that I am slightly left brain dominant, but almost equally right-brained to the point of continual internal conflict --which is to say that, whether you deal with me in daily life or read my novel, you are in for a hair-pulling, teeth-clenching roller coaster of a ride.  I’ll warn you now.  But hey, that’s why Eric’s here to help!  (sarcasm - in case you missed it)

So, bottom line, “why” blog about the writing of this novel?  Well, follow along and I’ll show you “how”!   




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