_Fiction authors have a reputation for housing bats in their belfries.  I prefer to think of it as excess clutter in the attic.  A continual stream of stories, ideas and characters pile up until there's simply no room left, not even in the corners. 

Eric and I both find that putting these random ideas down on paper is the only way to clear out that clutter and, if we're lucky, the result is in story form.  Over the next months we'll be posting some random short stories on our "Whriterz Blok" page.  These random shorts are in no way related to our current novel, but are a means of making a little room, because honestly it manages to get pretty crowded up there.  Doubly so in our case.  So, feel free to come and browse, but watch your step.  We cannot guarantee your safety.

Episode 1, Part 1
    The legal-sized manila folder was deceptively thin and unassuming considering it held every pertinent detail of Dr. Jameson Coleman’s life.  It outlined his entire existence from uncomplicated birth, Los Angeles Memorial Hospital – June 12 ’65 – 2:03 a.m., to gruesome death, Beverly Hills home – August 19 ’11 – 9:46 p.m., and everything in between.  He liked anchovies, dyed his hair tawny taupe, spent every Thursday night with a mistress he’d nicknamed Bunny, preferred custom-made slacks that were perfectly tailored to allow his dick to hang to the left, and desperately loved his kids. 
    P.I. Harry Lyman lit the first of thirty-three daily cigarettes and scanned the folder’s contents without reading a single word.  No need.  Every piece of information had been scribbled by his own hand.



Elayne Woods
01/26/2012 12:57pm

My favorite line: "He had slid effortlessly into cop-think like a greased-up stripper down a pole." . . . love the analogy!

Can't wait to read more!

01/26/2012 4:03pm

Elayne, it's funny how your character can speak for you. I, on the other hand, would NEVER say such a thing. *wink*

01/27/2012 8:11am

Uhm, yah. . . me neither. . . *shifty eyes* :D


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