So, I'm just wrapping up my version of "Spring Break" which, for me, means taking a break from writing to accomplish all the domestic spring projects around the house.  I've surpassed my usual 2 weeks by a bit due to self-inflicted injury (i.e. pruning shears incident and brush fire episode) but, we'll leave those stories for another day.

Getting back in the swing of things means resuming my face time on Twitter.  In doing so I've met up with a few fellow authors that hold the prestigious (and precarious) title of co-author.  I've created a support group.  If you're a co-author, you understand the potential benefit there. 

Because hump day is "Writer Wednesday" in Twitterverse, we're going to attempt our first live Twitter chat this Wednesday, March 28th at 8PM EST.  Feel free to stop in and share trials, tribulations and testimonials regarding the insanity that is co-authoring a novel. 

Contact us @split_fiction and include the #coauthoring hash tag.  See you there! 

7:04 AM
Open the blinds
Adjust thermostat to 69 degrees
Coffee steaming beside the laptop
Take a sip – needs more cream – back to the kitchen – perfect
Swivel in the desk chair for a few minutes – sipping turns to chugging
Run through a list of my characters – Which one feels natural today? – talk to me, talk to me

7:13 AM
Start up Pandora and stuff in ear buds
C+C Music Factory blares – How did it get on that channel?
Switch channels – no productive writing comes from ♫ things that make you go hmmmm
Adele ♫ the scars of our love, remind me of us
Switch channels again – no one’s breaking up today, thank goodness
Creed ♫ maybe six feet ain’t so far down
Switch channels yet again – no one’s slitting their wrists today either

7:31 AM
Getting frustrated – my main character’s soundtrack (♫ you see into my eyes like open doors ♫ by Evanescence) isn’t working for me today – already tried that
Staind ♫ all the times, I’m on the outside
This could work – secondary character, male, early thirties, badass, not my favorite but essential
Begin writing

8:17 AM
Shinedown ♫ it’s 4:03 and I can’t sleep ♫ - my character is on the run, comes up with some witty lines – barely registering the music now

8:43 AM
It occurs to me that I’ve let the playlist slip – Alice in Chains ♫ like the coldest winter chill, heaven beside you
Change the channel – too late – my character’s lost focus, killed someone he didn’t need to – getting messy
Time for a break – head to the kitchen – make some bacon
Change the channel again – do a little dance with the spatula – ♫ give me the music, yeah, everybody dance now ♫ …

 … and realize how C+C Music Factory gets left on my Pandora playlist.  But that’s the beauty of ear buds.  No one will ever know.

The new writing office is complete!

This process has been key to understanding the importance of creating my own writing space.  I am lucky enough to have a 10 * 12 room to call "writing home", but would have been just as ecstatic if forced to convert a closet or pantry. 

Writing Room Goals:
  1. DO spend many productive writing hours in this room.
  2. DO NOT spill coffee (or, maybe, the occasional glass of wine) on the furniture or carpet.
  3. DO NOT waste too many hours simply sitting and staring lovingly at my beautiful writing room.
  4. DO ... WRITE ON! 

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